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  • How-To Hear, View and Media File

    In the past 10 years I have downloaded cool movies/videos or songs/audio files and have been very excited to view/hear the content. Each time when the download was complete I opened up the media file and was very disappointed to that my computer could not recognize the new, foreign media format. It has happened to me many times. In each instance I was thinking, “Oh great, yet another new f*cken format I can’t play on my computer!” With the dawn of the video recording capable cell phones came another incompatibility problem. Friends would email me videos via their cell phones and I could not see them on my computer which pissed me off even more. I have found a solution to all the media incompatibility problems we have on our Windows computers. You only need to download and install the VideoLAN media player and the Combined Community Codec Pack. Both are free and they will work on Windows XP and Vista. Here is just a SHORT list of the media file types you will be able to play after you have followed the video tutorial below… .mpeg-1...

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  •  Max Payne 3 Help, Can I Run It

    Max Payne 3 is a Hollywood movie style game full of action and gore. It was released on May 15th, 2012. For those of you that are 1st person shooter addicts or are unfamiliar with the Max Payne series this is definitely something to check out if you are looking for a bit of a change in game types. Max Payne 3 is a 3rd person shooter with really good graphics, storyline, audio and awesome, playable cinematics during gunfights. This game is also for people 13 years of age or older. There is a good reason for this; Max Payne 3 has lots of blood, gore and death (including slow motion Kill Cams during the end of each scene). “Bullet Time” is my favorite ability to use during heavy shootouts. For the Max Payne series newbies, using Bullet Time is the closest thing to being in the middle of a Hollywood movie gunfight while at the comfort of your home. Bullet Time allows you to slow down time during a gunfight, allowing you go diving into the middle of a room and kill several enemies before hitting the floor. Checkout the video below that will...

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  • Black Ops 2 Help, Can I Run It

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 system requirements are higher than the original Black Ops. The COD: Black Ops 2 system requirements were raised due to an enhancement upon the Black Ops 1 gaming engine. You might ask, “What exactly does this mean to me? Speak English.” According to the makers of Black Ops 2 the graphics have been noticeably enhanced and


    the anti-cheat technology built into the game has been improved. Black Ops 2 also includes performance optimizations which is great to hear. I remember when I first played Black Ops 1, it was a little laggy. The lag wasn’t cleared up until a few patches were released and I also created...

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  • Guild Wars 2 Help, Can I Run It

    Guild Wars 2 officially launched to the general public on August 28th, 2012. If you pre-purchased GW2 (like me) you had 3 days early access on August 25th (actually 9 PM PST on Aug. 24th). I have been playing Guild Wars 2 since they had open beta tests for customers that pre-purchased the game. This is one of the best MMOs I have ever played. The graphics a great, character skill customization is awesome (so many options) and 3 faction PvP is unbelievable. Aside from the gaming aspects that NCsoft and ArenaNet have full control over, one thing they have little control are the people that play the game. For some reason even the people playing GW2 are really cool and helpful. Yes, there are a few trolls but that is expected. On my server the vast majority of people are very helpful and play as a group. If I have one negative thing to say about Guild Wars 2 is that the character storyline is just decent, nothing to rave over. I have this opinion because I am comparing the storyline adventures to Star Wars: The Old Republic. SW:TOR has a...

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  • Diablo 3 Help, Can I Run It

    12 years after the release of Diablo II Blizzard Entertainment will be releasing the long awaited Diablo III. The Diablo III release date is Tuesday, May 15th, 2012. Diablo III will have 5 classes, “Witch Doctor”, “Barbarian”, “Wizard”, “Monk” and “Demon Hunter”. Some of you may think that the Witch Doctor is a revamped version of the necromancer, but Blizzard has stated that this is not the case and they may release a necromancer class in the future Diablo III expansion pack. Those of you that love sorcerer/shaman type classes will probably love the Witch Doctor class the best, unless you are more into elemental magic, slowing time and teleportation, then the Wizard will fit you best. I am personally into more of a melee rogue/assassin type of class with enhancements to speed/quickness. So the class I will probably play is the Monk. The Barbarian is self explanatory, very strong warrior melee class. The class I am least familiar with is the Demon Hunter. From what I read on Blizzard they seem to be a ranged class with some close-up combat...

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  • Mass Effect 3, Can I Run It

    The Mass Effect 3 official release date is Tuesday, March 6th, 2012. If you are a fan of the Mass Effect series then I am sure you want to know if you can run Mass Effect 3. The Mass Effect minimum system requirements have not changed from ME2 to the new ME3. So if you are able to run the previous Mass Effect 2 game then the answer is definitely yes, you can run it. If you are new to the Mass Effect series of games and not sure if your computer can play ME3 then I highly recommend downloading the Mass Effect 3 demo BEFORE you buy the game. This way you don’t waste your money if you find out that your PC has no chance of running ME3. Below are instructions on how to download the Mass Effect 3 demo… Step #1 – Download/Install the “Origin” app here: * Create an account with Origin / Electronic Arts (If you are like me and already have this installed on your computer, SKIP step 1.) Step #2 – Download the Mass Effect 3 demo here, using your Origin account:...

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  • How-To Speed Up Your PC Game, Game Booster

    by Joey Cam

    I have been helping avid PC gamers on ClearTechInfo with computer gaming related problems for a few years now. I noticed there are a lot people I help that barely meet or are just under the minimum system requirements of the computer game they just bought. The PCs that barely meet the minimum system requirements of a game or fall slightly below tend to run the game with lag, sometimes lots of it. So I searched the net for tweaks or any type of free mods they can perform on their PC to speed up games. After searching for a while the best thing I have found to speed up PC games on slow computers is Game Booster. At first I was weary of a free app that claims to decrease lag and increase frames per second when running PC games. I wanted to test Game Booster out before I started recommending it to anyone. My PC would not be a good test system since it already...

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  • SWTOR, Can I Run It

    The official release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic is December 20th, 2011. I can’t wait for this date. SWTOR is another MMORPG I will buy that will cause me to lose track of time and not want to do anything else but play the game. I haven’t decided if I want to be part of the Galactic Republic or Sith Empire but the Sith Warrior with a specialization of Juggernaut looks very appealing to me right now.

    EDIT: Early access to the SWTOR servers began on December 13th. I received my early access email on December 16th. I am on the PVP West server named "The Swiftsure" as a Sith Warrior. My avatar name is NeroJoe. Say HI if you see me on there. Even better, if you are a Sith on my server feel free to help me from getting zerged or ganked. I am not that good on MMOs, need all the help I can get. lol

    In case you are wondering, yes a monthly subscription is required to play. Below are the current monthly subscription fees. • 1 Month Subscription: $14.99 (£8.99/€12.99) • 3 Month Subscription: $13.99 per month (one-...

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  • How-To Download Videos & Music from YouTube

    A school teacher I know asked me one day how he could download an educational video off of YouTube to show to his students in class. He needed to do this because YouTube and many other sites are blocked at the school he teaches at. It took me a while to research this for him. I tested several programs and websites. My favorite choice that worked well ended up being It will work on any PC, Mac or Linux computer capable of accessing Keep-Tube not only downloads videos and music from YouTube and Facebook. It works at all of the following video sites below: Break CollegeHumor Current Dailymotion Google Video iReport IranNegah Jizzhut KeezMovies MegaVideo MegaPorn Metacafe Myspace Pornhub PornoTube Photobucket RedTube SlutLoad Spankwire Spike Tube8 Veoh Vimeo XHamster XVideo Yahoo Videos YouPorn YouPornGay Youjizz does a good job at maintaining their site. YouTube randomly chances their programming code and websites and programs suddenly lose the ability to download videos from YouTube....

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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Problems

    My nephew sent me a text message recently telling me he could happily play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Campaign and Spec Ops without any problems. Whenever he attempted to play the Multiplayer MW3 game it did not work. The error said something in the neighborhood of, “Steam Error Cannot Play Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer, Please Tray Again Later”. I have been able to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer without any problems on my computer. So this problem puzzled me a bit. I did some research and tried a few things to fix the problem. While researching the problem I also found a similar Modern Warfare 3 error that is happening to people, “iw5mp.exe has stopped working.” There were various suggestions and fixes people suggested. Below are the ones that fixed my nephews problem and allowed him to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 once more. Please try Solution 1 first. If that does not work then proceed to solution 2. Solution 1 1.1 - Open up Steam (Do not open up...

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 01:09

<a href="">ogloszenia dodaj</a>

Jak natomiast w tym sensem życiu człek jest impreza, także w tej przewidzimisię.... Read more

Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 04:53

Hi, i really want to play gw2 but have no idea if it will run.

Prcessor: AMD E2-1800 with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics 1.70 GHz
Ram: 4.00 GB
Graphics card: AMD Radeon HD 7340
OS: Windows 8 64-bit
and its a laptop

Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 11:03

Hi Timothy,

Your CPU and RAM are meet the GW2 minimum requirements. I am not sure about your graphics card since you didn't post the specs.

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