How-To Make Call of Duty: Black Ops Run Faster (Performance Improvement Guide)



Since Call of Duty: Black Ops was released I heard a lot of people complain about how slow it played on their computer. In relation to COD: BO various people have asked many times on this site, “How do I improve performance?”, “How do I improve frame rate?”, “How do I tweak the game

to make it run smoother?” People basically want to know how to make Call of Duty: Black Ops run faster. I constructed the following guide to help out everyone having performance issues with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide was created for people with computers that SLIGHTLY fall short of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Minimum System Requirements to people that meet or exceed the minimums and want more of a performance improvement. This guide is NOT for people that have desktops or laptops which fall heavily short of the COD: BO minimum hardware requirements (CPU, RAM, Graphics). I am sorry, this guide will probably do nothing for those of you that own extremely slow and old desktops or laptops.

Here is the list of settings within the Call of Duty: Black Ops “config.cfg” file that can be changed to improve performance. The exact variables are listed along with what to set them to for a performance improvement. I show you how to edit the config.cfg file in the video below.
seta r_dof_enable “0″ - Set this to “0″ (“1″ enables the depth of field visual effect)
seta r_multiGpu “0″ - IF you DO NOT have a dual nVidia SLI graphics card setup or dual ATI CrossFire graphics card setup set this to “0″ (“1″ enables the full use of a multi graphics card setup)
seta r_multithreaded_device “1″ - Set this to “1″ (“0″ disables the full use of multicore CPUs. Set it to “0″ if you DO NOT have a multicore CPU)
seta cg_brass “0″ - Set this to “0″ (“1″ enables shells being spit out by weapons when firing)
seta cg_blood “0″ - Set this to “0″ (“1″ enables blood squirting out of people when shot)
seta cl_maxpackets “100″ - Set to “100″ (This slightly improves multiplayer gameplay smoothness)
seta snaps “30″ - (This might improve multiplayer gameplay smoothness)

In the following How-To Make Call of Duty: Black Ops Run Faster video tutorial I will take you step-by-step and you will easily learn the following…
1. What the bare minimal graphics settings are. The lower the graphics settings the smoother the game play
2. How-To find and edit the config.cfg file to improve performance (I only show you 2 settings to change in the video. A larger list of settings to change are listed above. Edit all the settings above for a larger performance increase)
3. Where to find the free program Game Booster (this software helps free up valuable CPU and RAM so they can be used to help process the COD: Black Ops graphics)

This is for people that have a laptop or desktop with a CPU or graphics card that falls slightly short of the COD: BO minimum requirements. If you tried ALL of the tweaks in the video (including all of the 7 config.cfg tweaks listed in the above video) and Black Ops still runs too slow then I urge you to continue to the Call of Duty: Black Ops performance guide below (along with the tweaks I shows you above). This guide was written by a site member.

“Okay, guys. I got my Black Ops to run smoothly, thanks to Joey, Gamebooster and a few nifty tricks up my sleeve. I have an; ATI Mobility Radeon 3470 Containing: Video RAM 1.0 GB Hardware T&L Pixel Shader version 4.0 Vertex Shader version 4.0 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz 2.27GHz, RAM: 2Gig (Vista) Now, even on the lowest settings with the lowest textures and resolution it lagged a tad, which was, quite frankly, bloody annoying! How I got a smooth FPS: Before doing this, make sure to set your Black Ops to ‘windowed’ mode. What I did was navigate to my Black Ops Steam root directory (found in the Steam/steamapps/common folder) and set the two BlackOps.exe files to run in compatibility with XP SP2, I enabled the ‘force run in 640×480 screen resolution’ setting and enabled the three boxes below it. Since the 640×480 resolution is forced onto the whole screen and not just the game, you will see your desktop looking quite weird, but do not worry, just ignore it. When the game launches, it will take up the whole screen regardless of it’s windowed mode. You won’t be in legit fullscreen, but the game window fills up your screen space (at least it did for me). It basically looks fullscreen, and emulates a 640×480 full screen resolution with no added pressure on your CPU, due to it literally being windowed! Now open Task Manager, and navigate to the processes tab while Call of Duty is running. You should then set Steam’s priority to “low” (by right-clicking Steam.exe and selecting Priority->low), then you should raise BlackOps.exe’s priority to “high”. This worked on an ASUS Laptop, with a slightly larger than average screen. It should work on normal computer screens, but smaller screens (I.E: Notebooks) won’t get the full render of the game.”



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