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A lot of Cable Internet companies offer Internet speeds up to 200 or 300 Mbps. I have Time Warner and they offer up to 300 Mbps download / 20 upload. When you order Internet from these companies they send you a modem that is capable of getting their top speeds. But if you don’t pay for their top speeds they slow down your Internet to the speed you are paying for.

For some weird reason when you mask your IP using a VPN Charter Communications has a hard time slowing your Internet speed down to 60 Mbps download. I really don’t know how or why this is happening since I just tested my Internet speed using all the 3 sites I gave you and my Internet actually slows down when using a VPN (I use Private Internet Access too). But then again I am using Time Warner and paying for their top 300/20 service so they don’t slow down my speeds at all.

My recommendation:
Whenever you plan to download anything always use your VPN no matter what so you get the top speeds. Also use your VPN when you use Netflix or other video streaming services like YouTube since your stream will load faster due to your faster speed. Last, don’t mention your fast speeds to Charter or anyone else. Let them mess up and give you faster speeds that you are paying for 🙂