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Joey Cam
Joey Cam

Sorry, I was not specific enough…
The instructions I gave above will allow you to unlock your pen drive so you will be able to format it. When you format the drive it will erase everything on it, including the virus.

In case the above scenario does not work or your pen drive does not have a physical lock switch on it there is another way I have gotten rid of this virus in my experience. This is more thorough and it scans your entire computer…
#1 – Install and use “Kaspersky Internet Security” or “Kaspersky Anti-Virus”. Before you install it you must uninstall whatever anti-virus program you may have. Then download Kaspersky from here:
– After you install Kaspersky you must restart your PC
– Then plug in your Pen Drive into your computer. It will scan it.
– Last, perform a FULL SCAN using Kaspersky. This may take over an hour the first time but it is worth it
Note: It is only a 30-day trial but all you really just need it for a day.