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Hi Rojo!

My PC tends to freeze during the Summer. Hot weather (over 90 F) combined with CPU and/or Graphic intensive tasks (video encoding, playing newer games on high settings) is a good way to freeze my PC. This particularly happens because the room my PC is in does not have A/C and is not properly ventilated. So my PC acts like a heater, further increasing the room temperature.

Here is what I do to minimize my computer freezing during the summer…
– Clean/Dust off the inside of my PC with a can of compressed air, aka “air duster”. Use the can to blow out all of the dust inside your case no matter the location of the dust. My 3 main focus areas I go over several times is the power supply, CPU and graphic card fans and surrounding areas.
– Point a room fan at your PC’s intake fan. Don’t forget, intake fan, not the fan that blows all the hot air out. If your PC does not have an intake fan then point a room fan at the front of the case (for laptops it is probably one of the sides).
– (Laptops Only) Buy and use a “Laptop Cooling Pad”, especially if you place the laptop on your lap.

Since your PC is a laptop you just have to be a little more delicate when cleaning the dust off. But do this at least once a month during the Summer. Your laptop intake fan will be small when comparing it with PCs and as I said above it will probably be on one of the sides. If it is not on the sides then check the front.