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Hey Joey!

Well I went from windows 7 to windows 10 and the process for it to get to where I log in to my account is a bit longer. But I think that’s how windows 10 is build lol. The problem is with TERA. In the past couple of days it has been extremely lagged, the FPS says 0. It is the only program that goes lagged. But then again it is the only one that needs so much from the PC hehehe.

Ok, I used the “Repair” option and it is working now. It must have got something messed up on a update lol. But I would still like to know how to check my graphics card. Just so I am looking out for any early signs that can give or something.

And do you know where I can upload images? the one I used to use is trying to charge me now lol and I want to ask you about some programs that are set to start up when I get on the computer.

Thank you!