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Hi Rojo!

Here is what to Disable…

Raptr Desktop App – When you need to use this, just open it up.

Catalyst Control Center – Just right-click an empty space on your desktop for an option on ATI graphics if you need to mess with the Catalyst Control Center.

HP Message Service – This reminds you to go buy stuff from them. It is adware.

brs (Cyberlink) – I assume this is a video player? I see no reason for anything from Cyberlink to be always on.

Delayed AppStarter.exe – It helps you get connected to a Wireless router when you first setup your laptop. Also, I know you know more than enough about PCs to take the extra 4 seconds to go into your network settings and open it up if you ever want to connect to a new wireless. You don’t need this at all.

I am not sure about these. So keep them until you find out exactly what they do.

Persistence Module (Intel)

hkcmd (Intel)

I skipped over stuff I see you already disabled. No need to go into those individually, I agree with your choice to disable them.