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Hi Steve,

Rojo gave good advice and instructions. I will add to it.

This is exactly the type of thing I like to do to mess with family or friends. I screen cast to their TV and act like they are crazy or dumb when they ask me what is going on. I know, I am mean at times, lol.

If it is not your family or friends messing with you, it may be an outside hacker. The network map tells you everyone that is currently on your network. So if they hack on your network and screen cast for a few seconds, then disconnect, by the time you check the network map they will not be listed.

As for passwords, I too use WPA2-PSK [AES]. I always use the following characters in my password which secures it good…
1. 2-4 lower case letters
2. 2-4 capital letters
3. 3-5 numbers
4. 2-3 of the following, !@#$%^&*()

If you use something simple like, “starwars2015” or “monkey12345” it can get guessed easily. One of my relatives used to have the name of his favorite football team as his password followed by the year he was born. Everyone that knows him knows he loves that team, so any of them could have hacked his WiFi easy, before I made him change it.

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