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Hello Abhijit,

Here is the list of minimum computer components. Since these are the minimums, it would be optimum if you buy parts that are better / faster than what I recommend.

OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 7 64-bit
PROCESSOR: Intel Core i7 (any model with at least 4 cores)
RAM: 16 GB
HARD DRIVE: Any current generation 2013 / 2014 that uses SSD (“solid state drive”) technology. You can now find 256 gigabyte drives for a decent price.
GRAPHICS: Any graphics card with an “nVidia Quadro” processor. This graphics processor is made for CAD professionals. There are various models at different prices. Research the various models and buy the best one you can afford.
MOTHERBOARD: Asus is my favorite brand of motherboard. It has been the most reliable in my own experience. Alternatively Gigabyte and MSI boards are good. First select the exact processor model you want to purchase, then see what “socket” it uses on a motherboard. That is how you will begin your motherboard selection process.
MONITOR: Resolution of 2560×1440

I hope my information helps 🙂