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    Ever since I installed Windows 10 I’ve had trouble with Facebook videos. In Internet Explorer or Windows Edge the videos have sound but the video is green. In Google Chrome the video will not play. The strange thing is that this doesn’t occur all of the time.

    I have a HP desktop that is running on Windows 10. It has AMD Radeon and there’s 8192 MB ram.

    Please help.

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    Here is a possible solution to this Windows 10 problem when using Google Chome…

    Step 1 – Open up Chrome and type this text within the address bar, the same place you would type in a website address: chrome://settings/

    Step 2 – Your Chrome Settings page is now opened. Scroll all the way down and click on the “Show advanced settings…” text link

    Step 3 – Advanced Settings are now unlocked. Scroll all the way down again. Under “System” you will see an optioned named “Use hardware acceleration when available”. UNcheck that box.

    Step 4 – New text will appear right after the “Use hardware acceleration when available” text. It will say something like (requires Chrome restart). “restart” is a text link, click that. If you do not see this text link then just complexly close Google Chrome, wait 2 seconds then open it up once more.

    Step 5 – Go on Facebook and view videos

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