How do I get rid of Windows 10 and restore previous Windows Vista?


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    A person asked a QUESTION, “How do I get rid of Windows 10 and restore previous Windows Vista?” The person went on to say, “I made a mistake when I allowed Windows 10 on my computer 3 days ago with the understanding I could restore my previous Windows Vista within 30 days but Microsoft obviously planned how to prevent anyone from rollover from Windows 10 to their previous version.”

    Here is how I would remove Windows 10 from my computer if I saw that I didn’t like it…

    Step #1 – Backup all important files that you do not want deleted. These files are music, video, pictures, Microsoft Office files, Adobe files and any other important files that you cannot replace.

    Step #2 – Perform a Restore of your laptop or desktop computer. Near the beginning of the restore procedure you MIGHT be given 2 restore options. One of those options will use terminology similar to “destructive” and mention that it will fully delete all of your files. This is the option to select. This is the option that will fully wipe out Windows 10 and restore the original operating system that came with your computer, whether it may be Windows Vista or Windows 7.

    ABOUT RESTORING / REINSTALLING Windows Vista or Windows 7 on your Laptop or Desktop computer…
    Your computer would have came with a Restore DvD OR it might have been built into your computer.
    – If it came with a restore DvD then just insert it into your computer while it is turned on, then Shut Down your computer. Wait a few seconds and turn on your computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore your computer.

    – If the restore data is built into your computer then you activate it by, turning off your computer if it is on. Turn on your computer and watch the screen very closely. For just a second the screen will tell you what key to press in order to start the RESTORE or RECOVERY procedure. Usually it is one of the F-keys (F1 – F12) or the Delete key.

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