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    I have an issue I have windows 10 I have 32 gigs memory and ssd 128 Samsung 850 pro intel core I7 processor 3rd gen Gigabyte z77x ud5h motherbvoard I have a fast connection to the internet with Comcast. I’m running the3 maxthon web browser and I’m trying to run adobe flash the latest version 22npapi and 22 ppapi Maxthon runs what they call dual display engines Many old websites are engineered with outdated standards. These old sites will fail to display, have broken features and often crash the browser. The new Maxthon 3 has one-of-a-kind solution to recognize these problem sites and solve this problem: Retro Mode. Retro Mode is usually automatic. But if, you run into a stubborn, strange page, click the buttonto the right of the Address bar to switch to Retro Mode and will fix the page. Click to switch back to Ultra Mode. Maxthon 3 will then remember the correct mode for future visits.

    Now Maxthon is a cloud based web browser and it runs off of Internet Explorer when I go to click on a video in Maxthon using retro mode and then I click on a youtube video I just get a long red rectangular box that says this video need adobe flash and underneath it says click her to download adobe flash but all it does is bring me to a troubleshooting page for windows 10 and Ie I have reregistered flash components on my computer I have active x filtering disabled in Ie and I also have adobe shockwave flash object enabled as well in the add ons of ie I also have youtube in the compatabilty section as well. I’m wondering if flash is discontinued for retro mode? And that is why it is not working with maxthon in retro mode. It works with Ultra Mode but I cannot play the youtube videos out of all 4 of my speakers in ultra mode and that is what I want. That is why I want to use the retro mode.

    Any help would be great I have been trying to fix this now for a week with no luck.


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