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    I have a Dell Inspirion 15R Model 5537.
    Windows 10 64bit (recently upgraded to from win 8.1)
    CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200UCPU @1.6GHz 4(CPU’s)~2.36GHz
    RAM 6144MB
    Graphics Card Intel (R) HD Graphics Family-Intel Manufacturer, Chip same as Graphic card, 3124 MB
    Everytime I starup I get a Video Playback Plug in Error 70. I just updated the realplayer to realtime…I have adobe plugins, media player and yahoo video. It is getting annoying. I disabled the video playback plugin in start up, but then I was getting different issues, for example-facebook error. So I enabled it back.
    Any ideas?

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    Hi Angela,

    I assume this problem started when you updated to Windows 10? I see you already updated to the latest version of RealPlayer and Adobe Flash, since those 2 things would be on my list of possible fixes.

    Try updating to the latest Intel HD graphic drivers for your Dell 15R laptop. The exact graphics card model you have is the Intel HD 4400. Here is a link from the Intel site with the latest graphic drivers, which were released less than a week ago.
    There are 2 links. Download the first one, closer to the top of the page. Once you download it, go to your download folder on your computer and start up the file. After the graphics card is updated, restart your computer so it could take full effect.

    Tip For Anyone Needing to Update Drivers: Only download and install drivers from legit sites. Just a few examples of trusted sites are the ones from Intel, Dell, HP, nVidia, AMD, Razor, Logitech, Microsoft, Apple and VIA. Never go to smaller sites you are not familiar with to download drivers, they may contain viruses.

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    I updated the HD Driver, but it still is coming up with that runtime error 70 for Video Play Back Plugin……..I removed quick time 7 also, as not needed, but no go….icloud needed updated and iTunes also, but still after that no go…..I am wondering if it came into effect when I downloaded adobe photoshop cc trial version? After I complete the class I am taking for it I am going to remove it and see if it disappears…..till then any other ideas?
    Thank you for the feedback.

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    This is a tough one. I searched directly on the Microsoft site for an answer. Saw you and someone else ask about it there and the MS rep just gave a cut n paste of general diagnostics for any type of video related problem. One of the things the MS rep suggested (Clean Boot) could narrow down all the possibilities and point out what piece of software is causing all of these issues, well if it is general software and not directly related to a Windows 10 operating system bug.

    The directions that Microsoft listed on how to start the Clean Boot process did not include Windows 10. So here is how to perform a Clean Boot on the new Microsoft Windows 10…

    NOTE: This can pinpoint the source of the problem but it can be very time consuming.

    Step 1 – While logged into Windows 10, press and Hold Down the on your keyboard, then immediately tap the key on your keyboard. A “Run” dialogue box will pop up.

    Step 2 – Type inside of the Run Dialogue Box, “msconfig”. This will pop up the System Configuration window.

    Step 3 – Click on the Services tab. Click the check box that says, “Hide all Microsoft services” (make sure this checkbox is checked). Then near the bottom-right side click the button that says, “Disable All”.

    Step 4 – Click on the Startup tab. Then click the “Open Task Manager” text link.

    *** From here there are 2 routes you can go. Step 5a is the option to take if you have a general idea which apps or processes are causing the problem. Step 5b is the option to go if you have no idea. ***

    Step 5a – Scroll up and down through the list. Select the apps or processes that you think could be causing your problem. Then click the “Disable” button on the lower-right(do this 1 by 1, not as a whole).

    Step 5b – If you don’t have a clue as to what the root of the problem is then go to each individual process and Disable it. Click the button on the lower right that says, “Disable”.

    Step 6 – Click the “OK” button at the bottom. Then restart your computer the same way you would normally do so.
    Btw, you can follow Microsoft’s guide on doing this with pictures included here: Refer to the “Windows 8.1 and Windows 8” instructions starting from Step 3 (Ignore step 1 and 2.)

    When the computer is restarting, see if you get the same, “Video Playback Plug in Error 70” error.
    • If you get the same error, it might be a Windows 10 bug
    • If the error disappeared, then one of the apps/programs you temporarily disabled is the culprit
    If you did not get that error message, then open up the task manager again (Step 1,2 & 4 above tell you how to do this). This time you are going to ENABLE 1 of apps/programs, then click on the “OK” button and Restart again.
    • Did the problem come back? Yes, then the apps/program you enabled is the source. Post back here and we can go from there.
    • If you restarted and still error free, then the program you enabled is not the problem. You must repeat the Enable process again until you find the problem.

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    I was in the start up programs and messed with just a couple. I am going to go back into it and try every app and disable….time….will tell….I will let you know if I do find something out on this little annoying error. I have another one, but I will fix one thing at a time Joey. Thank you for the feedback….I see your pic, are you a DJ?

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    You are welcome Angela.

    I am not a DJ. I just took that pic at a mock DJ booth during EDC in Las Vegas.

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