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Hello Hello 🙂

I have seen this problem in the past. It was due to some sort of virus or malware. When you used Superantispyware and Malwarebytes did you use the Full/Thorough scans when using each program? For problems like this the Quick scans are useless. So if you haven’t used the Full/Thorough option on each program please do so.

After running both programs using the Full / Thorough scans, did it find and take care of any viruses or malware? If not then use the 3rd program below.

Dr. Web CureIt, the free version:
– After you download the free version of Dr. Web Cure it, close down all programs on your PC that are anti-virus, malware and spyware scanners.
– Open up Dr. Web Cure It.
– Click on the Green Text Link that says “Select objects for scanning”, it will take you to the Custom scan options Window.
– Make sure every checkbox is checked. Once everything is checked hit the large “Start scanning” button

This scanner will take a while to complete, maybe an hour or 2, but this is a very good program that compliments Superanitspyare and Malwarebytes.