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Hi Anthony,

This culprit to this problem is either, Windows 7, IE 11 or your Internet connection.

If you are using a Wireless internet connection, just for testing purposes, plug your computer into the router via the standard Ethernet cable and attempt to download a program or file that previously failed. If it downloads without any problems then it is your wireless connection.

If you are already wired into your router via an Ethernet cable, then install a new browser. Download and install Google Chrome from here:
Last, use Chrome to download whatever programs or files previously failed.

If you are using a wired Internet connection and Google Chrome, and still get downloading problems it could be 1 or a combination of the following…
— Virus on your computer
— Settings on your Firewall, Security and/or Virus software need to be changed
— There is a problem with the specific websites you are trying to download from which is causing the errors. When I purchased the Adobe suite I got it from Amazon. They had a special downloader for it on Amazon that was fail proof. Even if someone pulled the Internet plug during the downloading process, when I got my Internet back up the download would continue from where it left off.