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Hello Sir Joey,
I really thankful to you for your precious reply & support. Now I’ve clear guideline for the new purchase. But I don’t know about the suitable Power Supply Unit & Cabinet which help this system to work with ease & efficiency.
As well as instead of NVIDIA Quadro can I go for NVIDIA GE-Force due to some problem of availability of NVIDIA Quadro here. Is there any difference between 1333mHz & 1600mHz memory sticks? Which one should be preferred? Heating is another issue so extra cooler is must or its optional?
HDD is also required or not along with suggested SSD? I’ve my old 500GB HDD.
From your previous suggestions, I choose :
i7-4790K processor (with socket type LGA 1150)
Asus Z97C motherboard
Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (x2)
Transcend 256 GB SSD.
Please suggest me on this as soon as possible & once again thank you for your help & support.
Thank you.