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    Seem to be having a problem with a pop up window that keeps showing up but only on certain web sites. Started on Liveleak.com then nfl.com then imdb.com shows up on Chrome.IE, and Firefox. I can go to handfulls of other sites and it doesn’t show up.I have tried scanning in safe mode adwcleaner,superantispyware,malwarebytes, Tron ( from Reddit )JRT.TDSSkiller and ccleaner but the problem is still there. I can’t see any ad in the window it’s just white unless I’m in incognito mode then I can see it I’m out of ideas you have any?
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    12 gigs of ram
    Samsung 850 evo 500 gb ssd

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    Just went to about 20 web sites weird it only happens on those 3

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    Hi trnawrench,
    In firefox download a add-on call “adblock plus”. this has helped me greatly with pop up windows Which anti-virus do you have?

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