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    #1. I am unable to play certain videos while on Face Book or You Tube. (I just saw the Facebook fix posted six days ago and will try it.) But even more importantly to me , I am unable to play Mini Clip 8 Ball Pool. I am using IE 11. The problem has been this way for about three months and can honestly say I cannot recall being more frustrated than I am now. It’s the first time ever that I have owed a computer with an issue no one has been able to fix for me.
    The problem never seems to get worse, never goes away – and never gets any better.
    First – I have full functionality using Google Chrome on this same computer. It’s just with IE it will not work. I am using an HP PC which originally came w/W7. Over a year ago I upgraded to 8.1. I just watched your video “How To Fix Adobe Flash Player Problems on Internet Explorer and Firefox Dated 6/14/11. I was able to follow it to the letter of the law and all went down as planned until the end. No matter what I did it would not allow me to download the flash player. I kept getting the Adobe test page with the bright yellow button and every time I get the full appearance of the tree attesting to the flash being installed. After going through all that – nothing is changed.
    Over the last three months I have attempted to do the following AT LEAST 15 TIMES.
    1. Checked the Flash to make sure it’s enabled. It never once was disabled. I disabled it and re-enabled it.
    2. Checked the Active X option. It never once was checked off. I check and unchecked it.
    3. I ran the IE 11 64 Bit installer. Every time it said it was already installed.
    4. I went into IE Tools – Internet options – cleared the cache.
    5. I went into IE Tools – Internet options – and unchecked every box that mentioned Active X
    6. I eventually restored the IE Advanced Settings (Only twice.)
    7. Once I went to Programs & Features menu and uninstalled, then re installed IE11
    8. I use Windows Defender for virus protection. I also have Spybot, Malware Malabytes, Advanced System Care and Free Windows Registry Cleaner.
    9. I also added the CC Cleaner per the video.
    ***Nothing has fixed it***

    #2 I have an HP Pavilion p6210f – desktop

    #3 – W8.1 since 3/14. (originally W7.)

    #4 – AMD Athlon ™ II x4 Processor 2.60gh (4 CPUs) 64-bit

    #5 – 6144 MB RAM

    #6 – NVIDIA GeForce 9100

    DirectX 11

    Thank you

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    Thank you for the detailed post. I see at step 3 you ran a “64-bit Installer”. Try it again but this time run a 32-bit installer. On your computer you have a 64 and a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer. The 64-bit versions are not fully compatible with everything. That might be the reason you are running into problems. Also before you run step 3 be sure to uninstall Adobe Flash like I showed you in the video you watched on YouTube.

    When you have run all steps open up Internet Explorer 32-bit. Here is the location of IE 32-bit within your Windows 8.1 computer:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe

    If it still does not work then try the solution posted by our site member named “littlebluedg”. Try it only with Internet Explorer 32-bit. http://www.cleartechinfo.com/topic/solution-flash-videos-not-playing-in-ie-11
    (His solution will not work unless you go through the steps I have listed first like installing the latest 32-bit Flash, not 64.)

    Btw, I erased your email address from your post. You don’t need to publicly display it. Solicitors that have nothing to do with this site scan forums and harvest email addresses so they can send you junk emails aka “SPAM”. Any members on this site that want to contact you can easily do so by posting on this forum. This goes for every site on the Internet, not just this one.

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