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A YouTube user asks…
How do you level your characters? You do the story quests, dungeons, power lvling?? Can you tell me the fastest way??

When I was a nub in 2013, the first 2 toons I leveled were Slayer and Warrior. I wanted to experience everything Tera had to offer, so I did all storyline quests and some regular quests. I also did all dungeons.

After 2 toons I was tired of questing and dungeons all the time. So I powerleveled all of my toons from #3 to my current lowbies, Zerker and Priest.

For powerleveling here is what I do..

Start off at level 1 by completing every quest in the newbie area. Then continue to Velika and complete every quest there. There is 1 Velika quest that is very important since it expands your bag inventory. You can also further expand your inventory on the spot by purchasing extra rows, with the same NPC as the inventory quest.

– Then head off to Lumbertown (a Velika quest should point you there) and farm “Warthogs” or whatever they are called. Do this until level 14.

– At level 14 go South of Cresentia and farm “Ravenous Hyenas”. Do this until level 20.

– At level 20 run the first dungeon “Bastion of Lok” 3 times. While you are waiting in que for the dungeon, farm “Basilisks” in “Oblivion Woods”. This is the area where the BoL dungeon portal is.

-+- From there follow this guide. It is not mine, but it is a good one to follow:

-+- Do this until level 60. At level 60 look in your bag. It will give you a scroll that teleports you to Velika outskirts, near some docks. Follow that storyline quest to level 65.

Side Notes:
– You can do MOB and/or BAM grinding. I do both. Sometimes I get tired of MOBs, so I do BAMs and vice versa.
– When you are waiting for a dungeon que to pop, do something productive and farm mobs or BAMs. Never AFK while waiting for ques to pop since sometimes they never do or they could take an hour if you are a dps.
– I do dungeons while plvling for 3 reasons…
#1 they drop free Armor that you need (hands, feet and chest). The best weapons are the Avatar weapons you will acquire avatar tokens/credits to get a free avatar weapon every few levels when killing mobs, bams and creatures inside dungeons.
#2 The first 2-3 passes in dungeons give you a LOT of XP
#3 Sometimes I get bored powerleveling on my own. So I join dungeons to take a break and be part of a group.