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Here is a possible solution to this Windows 10 problem when using Google Chome…

Step 1 – Open up Chrome and type this text within the address bar, the same place you would type in a website address: chrome://settings/

Step 2 – Your Chrome Settings page is now opened. Scroll all the way down and click on the “Show advanced settings…” text link

Step 3 – Advanced Settings are now unlocked. Scroll all the way down again. Under “System” you will see an optioned named “Use hardware acceleration when available”. UNcheck that box.

Step 4 – New text will appear right after the “Use hardware acceleration when available” text. It will say something like (requires Chrome restart). “restart” is a text link, click that. If you do not see this text link then just complexly close Google Chrome, wait 2 seconds then open it up once more.

Step 5 – Go on Facebook and view videos