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When I go from a major Windows upgrade on my home computers, I always do a backup of my important files, then format my hard drive(s) and install the latest Windows from scratch. This has always prevented those type of problems from happening to me. I know Microsoft clams that there should be no problems when performing a simple upgrade, but I don’t believe them. Clean installs is the only way I go on my home PCs.

I am not sure on how exactly one would check a graphics card’s health status but there is something that all the geeky gamers do which can help save you from a disaster. You can monitor your graphic card’s temperature and fan speed using free apps like CPU-Z. After a while you will get used to your graphic card’s average working temperature while playing Tera or other games and also know the average fan speed while playing games. If one day you notice that one day your graphics card’s GPU temperature is absurdly high, exit whatever game or program you are using ASAP. Also, if you notice one day that one of the graphics card fans is not being detected or displayed on your monitoring app, then close everything fast, your GPU is about to overheat due to a dead fan.

For image hosting sites, I have been using for about 5 years now to upload images, it works good and is free.
Come to think of it, I can’t believe I have been using that long. But I checked my page at: and it says the first image I uploaded is 5 yrs old. Time just flies by.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention something Rojo…
When playing Tera and doing things like SCNM/HM where all those mobs start attacking or in Gridiron where all those people are fighting in the middle at once, expect your FPS to drop to single digits. To combat this I change my in-game graphic settings from High to Preset 0 or Preset 1. At the same time I set my MaxView distance to near max. This helped me a lot.