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Hi Skypilot,

Thanks for posting your PC specs. I see your computer can easily handle Adobe Flash video streams no matter how high quality they are, assuming your Internet speed is fast enough.

For the main issue I am thinking it might be anti-virus / security software or some sort of advertisement / pop-up blocker that works with Internet Explorer. A lot of ads and pop-up are now in the Adobe Flash format. So if some program or plug-in on your computer blocks these ads it might mistakenly be messing up the video streaming on some (not all, just some) websites like Please note, the software or plug-in that is messing with Flash video streaming may have been installed unintentionally via a toolbar. A lot of toolbars out there offer extra “features” like pop-up and ad blocking.

When you reformatted your PC the extra security, plug-in or toolbar software was probably not reinstalled for a while. Then after it was installed it started messing up the Flash video on the news site you listed.

My recommendation: Go through any software on your PC that even remotely can fit into at least one of the following categories and make a list of everything you found…
Anti-Virus (anti-malware, anti-spyware)
Security suite
Other Internet Explorer plug-ins or enhancements that do not come installed when you first download the software from Microsoft
Pop-up blocker
Ad blocker

Next step: Test each one by completely exiting the program or toolbar essentially turning it off, then go on the news site you listed and try to watch a video. See which one is causing the issue. When you found the culprit you can uninstall it OR there may be a way to put the news site on a “whitelist” so the software that is causing a problem will just ignore the news site.

Alternative Solution that Might work: The software or plug-in causing the program might only mess with Internet Explorer. So if by any chance it only messes with Internet Explorer you can download/install the free Google Chrome and view on it. A cool thing about Google Chrome is that it has Adobe Flash built into it. You never have to manually update it since it always installs the latest Adobe Flash update on its own.