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Hello 🙂

Here is a good power supply that will go well with your setup, “SeaSonic S12G S12G-650 650W”.
If you can’t find that exact power supply to purchase where you live then look for an alternative power supply that is “Gold” or “Platinum” certified. Also the power supply must be “ATX” since the motherboard you selected is “ATX”. btw, most motherboards are ATX.

For a computer case / cabinet I would suggest the “Cooler Master HAF 912”.
Note on computer cases / cabinets, this is the one part where you have many good options. People usually pick the case that looks the best to them. So you don’t need to select the one I picked out. I picked it out because it is a good case that cools well at a low price.

There is a speed difference between the 1333 and 1600 Mhz but it will not be very noticeable.
For your motherboard I’d suggest any 1600 or 1333 RAM sticks that are listed on the Asus Z97C compatibility list. Look at the price differences between the two, if the difference is not that great then buy the 1600 Mhz RAM.
Here is the Asus page that links to that Memory list document:
If the exact Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory you selected is not listed on the Asus Memory compatibility list you must select another to avoid any possible conflicts.

nVidia GeForce graphics cards will work for your use but those cards are primarily for playing computer games. nVidia Quadro graphics cards are optimized for CAD and other professional engineering software.
Is Amazon available where you live? If it is you can buy a Quadro card here:

For HDD the “Transcend 256 GB SSD” you selected will replace it. Install Windows and all your software on the SSD.
You can also use your old 500 GB HDD on this new computer. In fact most people that build new computers with SSDs use their older HDDs for data storage. The motherboard you selected supports up to 4 drives, SSDs and / or HDDs.