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    Here is what I would do in the situation where a single user profile is messed up and can’t be fixed…
    1 – Login to any other account on your computer that has Administrator privileges (you mentioned being able to create a new account, I assume that account is an Administrator)
    2 – Go in the “C:\Users” directory for that particular user that is not working properly and backup any important files that may be in there (backup the files onto a portable USB drive)
    3 – Last, go into the Control Panel, to the same option screen where you would create an account but this time select to Delete the corrupted account. It will give you 2 options, I forgot the exact wording it uses but select the harshest sounding one, that will fully wipe out the problem account
    4- Restart your PC
    5 – You can now create a new account to replace the bad one you deleted

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