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    Hi can you help? I am not able to attach files on gmail in any browser: Chrome, Firefox or IE. I am also not able to upload a video onto youtube as well, when video tries to upload it states video will upload in 14265 minutes etc. I have to cancel. I have Norton anti virus and have turned off the antivirus and same result. I have tried Adobe Flash player and Adobe Flash player and these do not work. I also had a tech from norton try and fix this issue but he could not. Also sometimes when I’m youtube the thumbnails do not download. My thoughts are I am not getting a secure connection to Youtube or gmail that may be the reason I can’t upload or attach.

    I have ran out of options .. your my last chance..



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    Hi Ron,

    When I experience problems trying to upload anything, it is usually caused by 1 of 3 things… #1 the file I am trying to upload is too big, my Internet connection gets temporarily cut (causing the upload to fail) or an anti-virus, security, firewall or pop-up blocker software is causing the issue.

    Try this for testing purposes…
    Create a small Word or Text file with a few letters inside the file like, “test”, then save. Upload that super tiny file to Gmail. Then send it to someone or another email account you own.
    Does it upload? If Yes, try to upload a larger file. A larger file could be a pic you took on your cell phone or if your PC has a webcam on it. Take the pic on medium quality settings.

    Were you able to upload any of these files I mentioned during your testing?

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