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    I need some assistance. Thinking I had a virus, malware, rootkit, or Trojan since each time I booted up in NORMAL MODE my desktop screen became a literal ice ring. I wasn’t able to access any of the desktop programs when I would click on their icons.
    I have a program called RegZooka which has been pretty good software for finding issues with the Registry, Windows and browsers. Nonetheless, I googled Bootable Anti-virus/Malware/Trojan cleaners and found several good ones.
    I downloaded Kaspersky Rescue 10 (iso download) and burned it to a CD. I then attempted to re-load Malwarebytes Anti-Virus/Malware with Chameleon. Still having application errors with this software, which started when I was asked if I wanted to Update the software.
    I then downloaded Hitman Pro, then Eset Rescue. Then Dr.Web CureIt!. And last but not least, Bitdefender. also suggested that I install Comodo Antivirus Rescue and Vipre to see what kind of results these turned up.
    Well, my Kaspersky Rescue 10 iso disc I downloaded from my wife’s PC did not work on my PC. When I placed the disc into my CD tray and rebooted my system, the CD activity light came on but nothing happened. As a matter of fact, the screen just continually blinked until I guess it just timed out and started the Normal Mode install.
    As for the Malwarebytes program: I still can’t seem to get past the Application Error message.
    Hitman Pro installed and worked but the SCAN process said it found nothing.
    Eset Rescue was the only disc that worked, booting as it should when re-booting my system.
    Dr. Web Curit! would not self boot; nor did Bitdefender.
    Now Vipre did boot and ran for pretty close to 6 hours but locked up in the very last segments of the Scan.
    RegZooka said it found 471 errors and 25 Missing or Corrupt DLL errors and assumedly corrected them when I clicked to repair them.
    If whatever I am experiencing is a Boot Sector virus, why does my PC boot-up just fine? The problems occur, as I said in NORMAL MODE as soon as the Desktop icon are loaded.
    In an effort to see if I could find and resolve this issue, I booted my system in SAFE MODE with Networking and could navigate as if there was no problems.
    Do you guys have any idea what the problem could be?

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